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Frequently Asked Questions
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Pitching machines are shipped Factory Direct within 48 hours via Fed-Ex three day priority shipping with
a tracking number. They usually arrive in 4 to 6 days .

  • How do I set up a First Pitch Machine?
Insert legs until buttons snap in place
Install ball tube for proper size ball with small wing nut on top
Inflate tire 17-20 psi Tighten lug nuts
Adjust skid plate with power off to approximately 1/4"
Pitch angle is adjusted with large wing nut near bottom
Adjust speed and angle of pitch

  • What type of balls are best to use?
Both the First Pitch and Baseline Machines will throw any kind of baseball or softball. Regular stitched
balls work well and the dimple balls are also a good choice. Softer foam balls are good for indoor
practice but if they are lighter they may not throw as fast. The important thing to remember is that all
the balls should be the same and in similar condition for consistent pitches

  • What is the difference between the First Pitch original and the First Pitch XL?
Both of these machines have the same motor and controller and for the most part are the same. There
are three basic differences. First whereas the original has longer legs for baseball and shorter legs for
softball, The XL has legs that pivot within the machine so that only one set of legs is required. Secondly
while the original will tip forward for ground balls and back to throw fly balls or high arc pitches, the XL
will do all this plus it will tip all the way back to throw pop flies. The Third difference is that the XL has a
360-degree swivel feature.

  • Do I need to buy anything additional to use all the features of the machine?
All three machines come with the ball tubes for baseball and softball. The baseline has reversible legs
for baseball and softball and The XL has legs that adjust for baseball or softball. The only exception is
that the First Pitch Original comes with long legs for baseball or short legs for softball, or you can order
it with both.

  • What is it that sets the First pitch apart from other pitching machines?
The First Pitch Original and the First Pitch XL both carry a full five-year warranty. The Motor is a 1/3 HP
U.S. Built motor, which is more powerful than most machines on the market. But more significant than
that, is the construction of the motor. It features a
7/8-inch Diameter shaft and a 1-inch bearing. Only
one other machine offers this durability and that machine cost
hundreds of dollars more.

  • How does the Baseline machine compare to other machines on the market?
The Baseline pitching machine was acquired by First Pitch in 2007. We have since made some
improvements to the machine and offer it at a very competitive price that includes freight. The machine
comes with ball feed tubes for baseball and softball. It has reversible legs to set the machine higher for
baseball or lower for softball. The Baseline offers a full 360-degree swivel, and will tip forward for
ground balls and all the way back for pop ups and anywhere in between. The Baseline machine offers all
of the versatility of the First Pitch XL In a smaller low cost machine.

  • From what distance is the speed measured?
Speed is measured with a radar gun from sixty feet.

  • How soon will my First Pitch or Baseline machine ship?
All machines are kept in stock and ready to ship. We will ship your machine within 3 days of your order.
Fast shipping with a Fedex tracking number. Your machine will arrive in 4 to 7 days in The US.

  • What should I do if the tire is not getting a good pinch on the ball?
Sometimes when the pitching machine is new, the tire is too slick to get a good pinch on the ball. You
can fix this by using a fine grade sandpaper to gently remove the "shine" from the tire's
pitching surface. If you are using real baseballs and softballs, these have dye in the leather which will
transfer to the tire and add to the "shine." This can also be removed by gently sanding with
a fine grade sandpaper.

  • What is the motor recovery time between pitches?
The time it takes to recover exact wheel speed between pitches is 6 to 8 seconds. Our new automatic
ball feeder feeds the ball at 20 second intervals.

  • Do First Pitch pitching machines throw softballs at the same speed as baseballs?
Softballs are larger and heavier. For this reason the speed is about 10mph less for softballs. In other
words top speed
for baseballs on the Baseline is 70mph and for softballs is 60mph. For the XL pitching
machine top speed for
baseballs is 80mph and 70mph for a softball.
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Why we do not use digital readouts
Digital Readouts usually are inaccurate and do
not give the same reading that radar guns do!
Is The 5 Year Warranty Transferable?
Yes the warranty is transferable
  • How Many Amps Do The Motors Use?
XL 1/3 HP Motor Draws 5 amps
Original Model 1/3 HP Draws 5 amps
Baseline Model 1/4 HP Draws 4 amps
Curveball Machine two 1/3 hp Draws 5 amps ea.
All Use A Standard 110 Outlet
Baseball Pitching Machines & Softball Pitching Machines Batting machines for batting Practice

- That's only one of the
reasons we can offer a five year warranty on our
pitching machines!
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First Pitch Frequently Asked Questions
Leeson Electric Motors
On Every First Pitch Pitching Machine
The Baseline, XL And Curveball Models Can Be
Used For Grounders, Fly Balls And Quality Batting
Leeson Electric Motors Known the
world over for quality, durability,
high performance and as one of
the leading manufacturers in that

We Use Only Leeson
The best electric motor available
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baseball, softball, football and
soccer ball pitching machines.

The Leeson Motor Has A Bigger
Shaft, Permanently Sealed Bearings
That Will Never Wear Out And Is
Covered By The First Pitch Five
Year Factory Warranty.
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