Customer Feedback & Reviews FirstPitch Pitching Machines.
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Baseball Pitching Machines & Softball Pitching Machines
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Customer Feedback & Reviews
Customer Feedback & Reviews
After you purchase your new FirstPitch and have had a chance to use it please email feedback.
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If you have suggestions or ideas that would improve our pitching
machines or automatic ball feeder please let me know.
FirstPitch Pitching Machines Customer Feedback & Reviews
Pitching Machine Reviews / Pitching Machines Feedback
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I just purchased the Original from Mr. Holmes and I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the shipping, quality, and professionalism during this entire process. I have been coaching baseball and softball for several years and have used all of the high priced machines out there, and I really see no difference in quality so far. In fact, the First Pitch seems to be more quiet than its competitors. I feel this is one of the best purchases I could have made to improve both my baseball and softball teams. Mr Holmes was very helpful during the entire process and I would recommend anyone to him. C. Hayes.

I recently purchased a new XL pitching machine from Mr. Holmes (Jim). Sales. The machine has surpassed my greatest expectations. The quality is outstanding, the price was right and my five year warranty was in the package when it arrived. I highly recommend the FirstPitch machines to anyone that wants a quality pitching machine that will give years of worry free service. B. McGhee

I bought my new Baseline from Jim a few months ago for my son that plays baseball on the recreational team in my area. I had planed on he and I using our new pitching machine for some private practice sessions. It didn't take long before all his friends were coming to the field to practice with us. I am very happy with our new FirstPitch Baseline. It is accurate and the speed can be raised or lowered as needed and it really saves time when recovering balls in the batting cage instead of on the field. I recommend FirstPitch machines and Jim was great to work with. He placed my order quickly, answered my questions and my machine was delivered quickly as promised. S. Faircloth

Super is the first word that comes to mind! Fantastic is the second so on and so on. I can't say enough about my new XL. It is a superior pitching machine. The quality is excellent and it is easy to setup and operate. When I purchased the machine from Jim the transaction went smoothly and the machine was delivered within a few days. Over all I am very, very pleased with my new FirstPitch XL. Jim was a pleasure to work with and everything went well from start to finish. D. Grasty

I looked and shopped around for several days before deciding on my new FirstPitch XL. Some of my reasons for choosing the XL are #1 The adjustable speed control from 20mph to 80mph. #2 The ability to swivel the machine without having to move the whole thing for outfield and infield practice. #3 The price was important. #4 The free shipping that Jim gave me was the icing on the cake. I recommend FirstPitch pitching machines for anyone that wants a quality machine, a great price, free shipping and friendly service. Don Self

Very pleased! Our new FirstPitch Baseline is just what we needed. An excellent pitching machine that we could afford and could be confident that it would last for years. My kids have lots of years of baseball left and I wanted a machine that would last. After careful consideration I chose the Baseline because of the warranty and the price. I have looked at machines of similar size, construction and lesser quality for over $900.00. I have used the machine for several weeks now and believe that I made an excellent choice. S Roberts

I am amazed that a machine of this quality with todays prices can be built for the price that I paid. My XL is an excellent machine. I have never owned any of the other FirstPitch models but would bet they are of the same quality. Without a doubt I recommend these pitching machines. They are grate for ball players of all ages that bat against pitchers. You can start out very slow for those kids that are a little afraid of the ball (20mph) and because of the accuracy they are not afraid of getting hit by the ball. Consider this an excellent recommendation. A Jones